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The Premier League is the UK’s most prestigious tournament.

It also makes more money than any other league in the world, and this makes it super popular amongst pro punters.

In fact, Premier League bets placed each season are higher than Germany’s Bundesliga and Italy’s Serie A combined. Most bookmakers are already offering markets on wins, fixtures, and outrights.

But, before you start placing stakes, we want to give you some Premier League betting tips that will help you understand what you need to know to make smart and reliable wagers.

Remember, when it comes to top-tier league tournaments like the Premier League, an enormous amount of information will be available on the internet.

Over the next 9 months, everyone interested in football, from veterans to casual fans, will be talking and speculating.

You will be competing against thousands. Because of this, learning something that could give you an advantage over others is hard. But even if you don’t find an edge, you can still make profitable wagers. It just means you have to up your game and pay close attention.

So, let’s kick this off,

1. Understand How The Premier League Works

The first thing you need to know about the Premier League is that, besides being the most watched sport globally, it is also lengthy and a bit complicated.

It spans 9 months (from August to May), during which 20 teams play 38 matches each (playing each team in the league twice, home and away). This totals to a whopping 380 matches. So, if you intend on betting on the Premier League, it is time to buckle up. This is going to be a long ride.

Placement And Qualification

In the Premier League, teams that place top 7 get stunning opportunities. The club that finishes with the most points after 38 games become Premier League Champion.

The two teams that finish in Second and Third place qualify for the primary European club competition, the UEFA Champions League. Others in the top 7 get a chance to be considered in the UEFA qualification rounds, or a spot in the second continental club competition, the Europa league.

The Relegation Zone

Positions 18, 19 and 20 make up what is known as the ‘relegation zone’.

The three teams who finish the league with lowest points are relegated to the English Championship (not to be confused with the UEFA Champions League).

Their places are taken by the two teams who finish First and Second in the Championship that season, and the winners of the Championship Play-Offs.

Why Is This Important To Know?

It allows you to ask the right questions when you are doing your research.

Which leads us to our next point;

2. Make Reliable Bets On The Premier League

This is the most important betting tip we can give you.

One of the best strategies to be a successful punter is to find an edge. But, if you’re new to betting on top leagues, you will find out that finding an edge in this kind of sport is hard.

The second best option?

You need to know as much as possible. Enough to outwit bookies. Knowledge is power. Or in this case, money.

Looking at the history of the league is key to achieving this. We are not asking you to read a shelf filled with books, but spending a couple of hours regularly surfing the internet and watching videos (make sure they’re accurate) is a good start.

Take a look at the six teams which have been crowned, at the runner-ups, teams that place in the top 10, and those who tend to find themselves close to the relegation zone.

Look at the whole picture of the league and how it changed throughout the years.

3. Go Through The Wagers Set By Bookies

Check out the markets open for the Premier league. The overs/unders, the outrights, head-to-heads, handicaps — what do you need to know to be able to bet wisely?

Think of questions like these:

  • What Is Home Field Advantage Worth In The Premier League?
  • How Often Do Premier League Home Clubs Lead Halftime/Fulltime?
  • How Often Do Premier League Matches End Over 2.5 Goals?

And make these questions your point of departure when starting your research.

4. Keep Context In Mind

When you’re betting, for example, on who will win between two teams, don’t just try and remember how well they did in the last couple of matches. Take a step back, zoom out, and look at their last 20 matches.

Look at the patterns. This is especially important if you are going to bet on overs and unders.

Above all, make sure that a team’s sudden string of losses (or winning streak) is not due to something circumstantial. Look at the context:

What are the conditions at play here? Are they playing against a relegated? Have they ever played before? What new players will make a difference? Is there some kind of sickness or injury at play? How will this affect certain players? A player could be sick, or a team may be playing in an arena they haven’t before.

In the latter case, check how the team usually performs when away.

Take into account what you’ve researched about the league’s history, and then see how this year’s league is different from previous ones.

5. Invest Yourself In The Premier League

You won’t be able to study or follow any other betting tip on this list if you do not invest yourself in the sport.

Dedicate some time on the Premier League every day.

Watch live sports streams, and gain a personal understanding of the dynamic between the players of teams that interest you.

These are the teams you should place stakes on. Observe how the absence or presence of a player may affect team performance, and how a team fares against different teams, tracing weaknesses to certain playstyles.

Only the sharpest and knowledgeable punters make money betting on the Premier League. If you’re up for the challenge, you need to research. Look at Premier League news, Premier League stats, upcoming Premier League fixtures, injuries, suspensions, head-to-head records, study everything you can.

6. Use Online Resources To Find Out Stats

So far, we’ve asked you to look at the history of the league, to look at data about teams and players over a long period, and to assess context. An easy way to find out a lot of information and statistics about these teams is through online resources.

#Teamalpha has handpicked three resources that you can use:

– Premier League Stats >>
 — Premier League — ESPN>>
 — Betting Expert — Football Tips >>

These resources will give you information on players, clubs, awards given, all-time stat (like the team with most wins, or goals scored, in the league’s history), and you can also compare two teams against one another in the ‘head-to-head’ section.

7. Follow The Advice Of Pro Punters

Betting against the line can be profitable and rewarding, but you should only do this if you have done your research.

Did you do the research, but you’re still on the fence? In this case, tipsters and pro punters can point you in the right direction.

Tipsters give tips and odds on upcoming matches, futures, and other markets. Websites rate their tipsters according to how accurate their predictions are. This will give you a good indication of whom you should pay attention to.

8. Best Bookmakers For The Premier League

With a sport as popular and lucrative as the Premier League, almost all bookmakers will have markets.

Your decision should rest on two main factors: Which bookmakers have the lowest commissions, and which offer additional features such as in-play betting, a suitable mobile app, and markets such as over and under betting, and handicaps.

Every bookmaker has advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you have more than one sportsbook you can bet on. This will allow you to compare and contrast. For example, if you want to bet in-play, you should look at the bookmakers with the best live betting options.

If on the other hand you want to bet traditionally, and your main concern is maximising profit, look at bookmakers with low commission rates.

For a list of the top bookmakers we recommend for the Premier League, click here >>

To Conclude

We hope that these betting tips help you make profitable bets on the Premier League. Now that you have a solid idea of what you need to know, it is time to start looking things up. Why not start with the upcoming Arsenal vs Leicester match on 11th August?

#Teamalpha works hard to get the best information out there. These Premier League betting tips will help you get started.

If you have any other suggestions for punters dipping their feet into top-tier league betting, leave us a comment.


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